Objects in Space: Closing Reception

Objects in Space II: Closing Reception

Carlie Antes

Cover: “Spiritual Intersection” by Francesca Giuliani

On Thursday January 16 from 5 pm-7 pm there was a closing reception for the show Objects in Space. This show was in the Insalaco gallery and included work from ceramics, sculpture, and mixed media. There was a great turn out of people coming to support the artists and view a variety of artwork created last semester.

This show was particularly exciting because of the wide range of materials that were exhibited. There was an interesting mix of classic materials such as fabric, ceramics, iron, copper, plaster, wood, and glass. Some artists chose to use unconventional materials such as plastic garbage, straw, flower imprints, handmade paper, thrifted ice skates, and even human hair.

I had the opportunity to talk to some of the artists about their inspiration and material choices to get to know more about some of the stand-out pieces in the show.

Aubrey Haskell’s “Impressions” (top) are pleasantly cohesive hanging above two mixed media pieces.
Nina Haskelson created this immersive piece to describe a difficult argument she had with a loved one.
Francesca Giuliani tapped into her impressive weaving skills for her pieces “Life’s Scars” (left) and “Hidden Worth” (right).
Dayanese Rodriguez created a beautiful hanging composition titled “Systemic Resillience” using handmade paper and a variety of scrap materials.
Jamie Bamberger uses her art to send a message by creating a saint-like portrait of Greta Thurnberg amidst plastic waste and hints of industrial pollution. Among the backdrop of argumentative newspaper articles, Jamie sends a message of hope through the green pushing to the surface signifying the resilience of Mother Nature.

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