Sketches – Week 8

This week I switched it up a bit. Going back to digital illustration, I blocked in the darks with black. I thought to myself “what if I place more detail by putting in some line work?”.  Needless to say, I have found yet another style that I love. Pen and ink have always been a favorite of mine, but to be able to do the same digitally is addicting.

Untitled 9

James Bond-like, this was the first drawing that I made digitally. A big factor of this is the darkest darks being one solid color, so a tuxedo or suit is perfect; if blocks out a unique shape. As for the line work, I did improve it over the next few illustrations because I did not spend too much time on it here.

Untitled 10

The line work here is much more thought out. I took care in making sure the lines were fairly identical to their shadow. I also like this one because it depicts a scene that can almost be stepped into.

Untitled 11

Again, the line work is more calculated and intricate. This blacksmith looks as if he was going in for a swing and noticed you looking at what he is doing… hence the look on his face. A moment in time is what I captured here. 

Untitled 12

This illustration has the most line work involved, but has the least movement. I did this out of inspiration of the new movie “1917”. The photo reference I used had an explosion in the background and deceased on the ground, but I decided to keep it simple and focus on the two soldiers.

I will begin to implement backgrounds into my digital illustrations to put my characters in a time and place. The line work will be improved as well. Looking at these now, these would make great prints too.

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