Candid Photographs

Hello Everyone! I’ve just started my photography classes of the semester! We are still doing introductions so I’ve decided to share some of my own photographs from a recent photo shoot that I did.

In November I was asked to take photographs of my two younger cousins for my Aunt’s family Christmas card. I was excited because when I have my camera out around my family they usually run the other way! (Not really, but it just seems that way.) My family doesn’t like to get their picture taken unless they have absolutely to.

My Aunt told me that she wanted the photographs taken on the family farm, a place where all of the cousins spend their free time. Once I knew where she wanted them taken, ideas quickly came to my mind. I had my ideas, she had her own, and my cousin’s had their own. Our ideas consisted of the tractors, silos, barns, fields, and even more tractors, as they are all located on the family farm. By the time the day came that I was to take the photographs, I knew where I wanted them taken at.

Even though I knew where I wanted to their photographs the photo shoot took a little while to complete. I anticipated this because I was working with two brothers, and my family gets very impatient. While I was photographing my older cousin, 15, my younger cousin, 8, kept goofing off in the background.

When he started to goof around in the background of the photographs I couldn’t help but laugh. Without even knowing it my little cousin helped me create a few of my favorite candid photographs. When I was editing the photographs I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face as he kept popping in his older brother’s photographs. Here are some of the candid photographs I was able to capture during the photo shoot.

I’ll talk to you all next week!

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