A Nice Break is Always Needed

I feel a nice travel break is always needed once in awhile. Usually in between my semesters, I like to venture somewhere. I would say I work very hard during my semesters. All of my time, effort, and energy goes towards my classes. In between all my classes and schoolwork, I also work.  My weekends are devoted to CVS/Pharmacy, another place where I put my all into. I am a quite the hard worker so as I mentioned, a nice travel break is needed in between this all!

Currently, I am where I considered to be my home, Long Island. It is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Every time I make it back, I am crying tears of joy! That feeling I get when I first cross over is extraordinary, a feeling I do not get quite often except for when I am back home. That very first smell of the salt water fills my soul with warmth, I love it so! I am always welcomed back with arms wide open by family friends who are basically my second family and I appreciate that greatly. I cherish my time spent with Dave, Mary, Josh, and Elli most, it is never a dull moment!

The second best part about being back is the fact I am within walking distances of a few different little shops, restaurants/cafes, and the ocean. My favorite thing to do is to walk down to the piers. There are a few benches and grassy areas. I love to sit and take in the view of the ocean. I find a nice little bench and sit for a few hours, sometimes I will read but mainly sketch. I love gathering new ideas for future paintings. I take note of every little thing that inspires me while I am down there. It is a beautiful and peaceful time, I truly enjoy every moment. It is nice to have this time for myself. I love being able to do the things I cannot do on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, I leave in a few days and I am quite sad. Leaving is always the hardest part for me. I do tell myself “you will be back”, which I do know but it is still hard to fight back those tears when leaving! But, as of now I will enjoy my last few days!

Port Jefferson, NY

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