Paris Painting

Hi all! I hope everyone’s summer is treating them well. I usually find myself a bit creatively blocked once summer comes, but also inspired at the same time. I think the real issue is putting all of my ideas into motion. At home I don’t have much space to create anything. Oil painting is super messy, and no matter where I paint one of my cats will likely bump into my canvas or something awful like that. So, that leaves me to talk a bit about the painting I made inspired by my trip to Paris. I took a photo of the view out of my hotel room, upped the color a bit and it was a beautiful composition. I knew immediately that this was the scene I wanted to paint. I am partial to oil paints because they are so rich and workable.

Our assignment was to focus on a certain aspect of art that we experienced in Paris. I saw a lot of impressionistic paintings, and this has always been my favorite art movement. So I set off to paint this scene in an impressionistic manner. Although this changed by the time my paintings was finished, it was a fun endeavor. The painting wound up leaning towards a more impasto finish. I always love when a painting completely changes, and it makes me excited for the next one. With that being said I think this week I’ll go out and pick up a canvas and get started on something new.

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