Commissioned Again

I had recently done a painting for my cousin that was of abstract Nike shoes. He shared pictures of it through tons of social media sites and it got a lot of attention. One of my cousin’s friends contacted me to do a custom painting for him. It’s shoe themed and it will be a lot smaller than the one I did for my cousin. The canvas size is 2 foot by 2 feet which should not take me long to paint.

I talked with the client and he wants the shoes to look as if they are melting. For the background design we decided on a desert back ground with an abandoned basketball court. I’m really excited to do this painting because of the content. It’s a fantasy painting instead of an abstract one. Of course I will be using my favorite, acrylic paint, which I find to be a lot easier to work with. I have the draft drawing done and I hope to have the painting done soon as well!

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