A Unique Class

As we end this first week of the Fall 2023 semester, I have to say I am the most excited I’ve ever been about my classes. It’s my last semester here at Marywood and requirements for both my majors (Arts Administration and Art History) are complete, so naturally I filled my schedule with courses I knew I’d love. The standout among my courses this semester is an English class brand new to the university called “Creating a Digital Archive of Marywood’s Social Justice.” This course gives us the incredible chance to study the Marywood Archive housed in the Learning Commons, a massive undertaking in which I’m so fortunate to participate.

The point of this course is to discover Marywood’s long history of social justice, and to craft a more realistic image of our university that can be shared with the public. It culminates in a second course next semester (which I sadly can’t take) creating the actual digital archive with curated items showcasing this social history. I’m thrilled to learn new archival skills as well as the history of Marywood, but I’m most excited to make discoveries with a group of students that are as passionate about archival work as I am. I hope that by the end of the semester I’ll be able to share as much knowledge about Marywood as I possibly can!

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