Action Shots

In addition to portraits, still-life, street photography, photojournalism, and photography for advertising and editorial illustration, photography is useful to capture the spirit and energy of events such as sports. Every photographer has the opportunity to develop his/her preference for what they shoot, so while an art student is learning it’s a great idea to experiment with as much as possible. When I was in high school, I took a Journalism class for three years. One of our jobs was to take photos of school functions like Halloween, Spirit Week events, and pep rallies.

Taking photos at events can be a really fun experience if it is not something you are usually into. It gives someone the chance to go to events they may not have gone to before. Although it may be difficult to to stay caught up on the excitement, it is still helpful and fun because you are taking photos of memories the people involved will not forget.

Taking a lot of photos is an important thing to keep in mind too, just like still-life and other subjects. Sometimes photos may come out blurry if your camera is not properly configured or if you accidentally move. I think that’s why they say, there is no such thing as too many photos in photography.

Shooting sports events solo may be hard on the photographer who can only be on one place at a time. Therefore, it may be helpful to have at least one other person taking photos too. Not only can this be helpful to the photographer, but it can allow for capturing another perspective or possibly catching something that could have been easily missed. In my HS journalism class, we’d typically have two students taking photos along with hiring a professional photographer. This way, the students got in their experience and had back up photos if those did not turn out well. We learned quickly!

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