Adventure Time

Today, my mom and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip. We have been looking up places in Pennsylvania where people can hike through beautiful spots of nature. So today we picked to go to Bushkill Park to see the waterfalls.

The drive took about an hour or a little more, which was enough time to have a jam session. Once we turned into the park we were a little surprised to see how many people were there. We didn’t really realize how commercial this park was, but we were here to take a hike to see some waterfalls.

After getting over the amount of people, we got in line to enter the woods. This is probably one of the few places that charges people to go on a hike, but if you were to see how many steps there were you’d understand why paying was necessary. It must take a lot of money to help keep up with the maintenance of those steps.

Anyways, once we got onto the main trail we decided to take the hardest and longest trail, the red one. The only reason I wanted to take this trail is because on the map it said that there were ruins along this trail. Taking photographs of ruins is one of my favorite subjects to photograph, so naturally that was the place I had to be. Before the ruins, there was the main waterfall. It was so magnificent! I’ve never seen a waterfall of this magnitude before, it was amazing. We also came across other small waterfalls on the trail and even came across two fawns, they were so cute.

At the end of the trail we realized that we didn’t see any sort of ruins, which made me really disappointed. Even though there were no ruins we still had a great time hiking through all of that nature and seeing so many beautiful things. So when we got home my mom realized that we didn’t actually walk the whole red trail. We some how went around half of it and that was where the ruins were. This means that we just have to go back again! I would recommend to everybody to visit this beautiful park. Just remember to bring your camera!


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