Hiking and Artwork

My step dad and I go hiking a lot, and it’s a great way to express your artistic side. There are so many ways that hiking and being out in nature can inspire you or spark your creativity when you are in a rut. Just being outside in general can clear your mind and reduce stress. Breathing in fresh air, is a great way to open yourself up to new ideas. You can also get in your exercise while doing artwork.

My step-dad loves to do nature photography which can be a good creative outlet if you like taking photographs. You can use your phone even if you don’t have a high end camera. It give you a challenge if you are used to taking pictures of people as a photographer or even as an amateur. You could even take a sketchpad or a canvas and paint the environment you see. This can help with practicing visualising objects you normally don’t see on a daily basis. Nature is beautiful and might be a good way for anyone to improve their art skills. It can create new emotions and feelings like pure white snow, or fall leaves showing change, and bright warm summer days. Not to mention it’s a space that’s available to all.

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