Advocacy and Exhibits

Marywood will be hosting their annual Advocacy Day on November 4th. 

Artists interested in participating in a gallery that coincides with this event are invited to submit artwork! The art should be focused around themes of social justice and advocacy, however the artist interprets this. This is a great opportunity for artists to showcase their artwork as there is no submission fee and there are optional artist talks!

The artist talk involves a chance to explain the meaning of their artwork as well as an explanation to the themes of advocacy as the artist sees them. If you have any questions regarding the exhibit please contact Jillian Carroll at

Also, even if you missed out on our most recent exhibits, including The Russel Collection and The Stories We Tell Ourselves, there will soon be new exhibits in their place. Definitely keep an eye out for the Senior Exhibit which will be showcasing the class of 2024’s artwork!

Featured Image:

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