Preparing for Senior Show

The middle of the semester is here and it is time for me to start getting all of my artwork together for my fall senior exhibition. It has definitely been a stressful time for me, making sure I have enough pieces, getting them done in time, figuring out titles and all of the specific details needed. I believe that I have almost everything prepared except for my female torso figure. Unfortunately, this piece has not dried in time to be bisque fired so I cannot put it in the show. I accidentally made the bottom thicker than the top, so it has been drying unevenly. As you can see in the picture the bottom is darker than the top showing it isn’t completely dry yet. This is a bit disappointing because I really enjoyed making this piece but even if it can’t be in the show I am still excited to finish it and display it at home. The show opening is Saturday November eleventh, so maybe if I finish it this week or so I might be able to still slide it into the show, but we shall see. Either way I have enough pieces and even if the torso isn’t done in time, I believe it will still be really cool to see it finished.

Other than the female torso, all that I have left to do is finish glazing all of my pieces. So far the only one that I have been able to glaze is my vase. My other ceramic pieces are currently in the kiln being bisque fired, so I will be going into the studio Tuesday to finish glazing those. For my vase I decided to paint the carvings with black glaze and I covered the rest of it with a gray. Right now the gray looks white but that is only because it has not been fired yet. For my mugs and coasters, I want to do a similar idea where I paint the carvings a color and the rest of the mug will probably be gray or white. My plan is to glaze each of them with different colors within the carvings. I have not yet decided what colors, but it is something I will be pondering over for the next few days.

Once I have finished these ceramic pieces, I am ready for the exhibition. I am super excited to see everything put together, and curious to see how they will be placed with one another in the gallery. I can’t believe this will be my last show as an undergraduate student! I have had, and am having, tons of fun with all of the artwork and artworks that I have made and are still currently making. It has been a great time!

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