Student Spotlight: Fiona Reinhard

Hello dear readers! It’s me, Sephora, once again to deliver you some content.

This time it’s something a little different, I have been given the fantastic opportunity to interview our guest blogger! Pursuing an English major didn’t stop her from realizing just how much she loves art history. Since she has already answered our usual questions I was able to ask her some of my own!

So, without further ado, it’s time for you all to meet…

Fiona Reinhard

Meet Fiona Reinhard: She is a very creative person, if she sees something she likes on Pinterest she can’t resist the urge to recreate it. She does her nails herself, crochets, makes patchwork shirts, and bakes. When Fiona gets bored she uses it to learn a new craft and have fun!

Major: English Writing

Minor: Art History

Graduation Year: 2024

What book(s) have you published? What kind of books do you write?

When Fiona was 17 she wrote a poetry collection that she self-published on Amazon, which is something anyone can do! It didn’t sell like crazy but family and friends bought the book in support of her (how sweet)! “Though, some people in the UK bought the book so that’s interesting!” Along with poems, Fiona writes short stories, “Twisted stories with no happy endings usually”. Similar to Edgar Allen Poe’s stories of the twisted and macabre. 

What art historical period is your favorite?

“I like Renaissance but I love Bauhaus the most,” Fiona says. She loves Bauhaus for its architecture, but it is present in graphic design as well. 

What element of art history drew you in despite being an English major?

Fiona had to take a general art class and chose Art History II with Dr. Irwin. She hadn’t been in an art class since middle/high school, but those classes didn’t provide art history. “I fully fell in love with Art History when I went on the Philadelphia Museum trip.”

How do you stay motivated to write?

She never forces herself to write and naturally allows the ideas and motivation to come to her. “When I was scrolling on Pinterest I saw a picture of a dimly lit kitchen and just HAD to write a short story about it!” 

What goes into the process of publishing a book?

“It’s very easy to self-publish on Amazon.” Fiona wrote her poems on Google Docs and then exported the documents to a site called “Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing”. The page is formatted for you, and it is a print-on-demand service (someone buys your work, and then the company prints it for you). This service also allowed her to set her prices. 

Is there an author who has influenced/inspired your writing?

“Not really, I’ve read many books from various authors but they didn’t have a similar style as me.” Her writing style fits the psychological thriller genre and horror movies have inspired her writing the most. “Companies like A24 have greatly inspired me, especially the directors Ari Aster and Ty West. The smaller movie company A24 is known for releasing movies such as Midsommar, Bo is Afraid, Pearl, and X. “A24 produces movies that have no jumpscares but are scary through tension and environment.” 

Here are some pictures of Fiona’s upcycling work!

It is important to remember that even non-art major students are able to find ways to include art in their lives and work! That is what minors are good for, they allow us the opportunity to have experience in something outside of our comfort and become beneficial to us later on in life.

I hope you all enjoyed being reintroduced to Fiona just as I had fun interviewing her! I hope to see you all again on Student Spotlight!

Sephora out! <3

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