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I’ve just returned to Scranton, PA for the upcoming school year at Marywood University. For this post, I would love to talk about Artists For Art (AFA) Gallery in Scranton, which is a great resource for artists seeking to share their work!

AFA Gallery was formed with the intention of promoting the arts and regional artists predominantly within Northeastern Pennsylvania. They are a nonprofit organization that aims to support the arts through their gallery exhibitions, workshops, store, and a variety of activities centered around the arts.

You can become a member of the AFA Gallery by paying a yearly fee. There are a range of membership options and students only have to pay $10 a year! Becoming a member opens up the opportunity of discounts when participating in artwork submission for galleries, workshop discounts, volunteer opportunities, and the potential to sell your work through the gallery.

An image featuring artwork of animals from AFA Gallery's most recent exhibit.

This is a photo taken from AFA Gallery’s most recent exhibit called Arts to the Rescue. The exhibit is dedicated to animals, specifically found in shelters and other animals that had person affect to the artists. Proceeds from sales of work from this show benefit the animals. Visit AFA Gallery on Facebook here.

AFA Gallery offers regular Art Calls for Entry on their site often for members and non members. The entry fees for their exhibits are usually pretty affordable and I hope to submit some of my own artwork this year! If you are interested in AFA gallery I highly recommend checking out their website or if you wish to checkout their store it can be found here.

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