An End and a New Beginning

Thank you all to those who have been following my posts up until this point. It has come up to the point where I must pass the baton to another writer. With winter break coming upon us, there are a few words of advice I would like to give on how to spend the holiday season whether it is a break for you, or an even busier time of the year.

If you have a little extra time on your hands, now is a great time to work on projects you’ve been meaning to get to, start a new medium, focus on art, maybe start or continue sketches a day. Now is a time for experimentation. With the streets being decorated for the holidays, you may find a bit of inspiration just going outside for a bit in the frigid air. The lights and snow around might be a perfect scene to help you make your next project. The break is also a great time to visit some museums. It could be a few in New York City, or a small one down the street that has a new exhibition. Now is the time to use your free time and explore things you wouldn’t be able to on a normal day.

For those whose holiday season means a more hectic couple of weeks, I wish you well in your busy season, but don’t drop your passions all together. We all need a little break now and again. Bring a little sketchbook wherever you go and at any little moment that you may be waiting on line, or sitting down for a moment, take a look at your surroundings and do a little sketch or two in your free time. It might help take your mind off things for a little while and help you continue your work. Though you may not have time to visit a few art museums, the world is your art museum. Look at nature, the billboards around you, decorations, people moving and rushing by. If you take a minute, you can see that every little thing can be see as art. The architecture of the mall, the pattern on someone’s sweater, the lights and garland that surround you.

Whatever you do this break, I hope you have a happy holiday season and wish you all the best. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year.

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