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Now getting back into the groove of art therapy and other classes, this article will discuss how art therapy aids to those who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. Symptoms (fear of abandonment, series of unstable relationships, impulsiveness, inappropriate anger, feeling of emptiness, suicidal behavior) of BPD can go unnoticed. Art therapy can be extremely beneficial to these symptoms and help an individual with Borderline Personality Disorder get a sense of control, coping skills, containment strategies, and building a sense of self. Here are some directives for this client base and what help they can bring:

  1. Wise Mind Books – containment, control, and self identity
  2. Save It For Later Boxes – emotion regulation and containment
  3. Layered Collages – mastery and integration
  4. Distress Tolerance Baskets – skill-building and self-soothing
  5. Strength Medallions – hope and empowerment
  6. Dialectical Dilemmas – holding → letting go, control
  7. Printmaking – trust and cohesion
  8. Mindfulness Watercolor – self-soothing and distress tolerance

Courtesy of Pintrest, here is an example of a layered collage!

It is good to have options for patients so they have control over the choice of the directive. Self-control and management are vital when it comes to patients with BPD. Although one directive may not work, another might! These directives can also be used with other client bases, but they’re particularly effective for the symptoms for Borderline Personality Disorder.

[Information from article Art Therapy for Individuals with Borderline Personality: Using a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Framework by Jessica Masino Drass]

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