A Different View

Going to an art exhibition is a grand adventure by its self, but watching the show being put together and seeing it come together for the opening makes this particular event special for me. This exhibition is called Make Believe: The Maslow Collection and the Moving Image, currently on display in the Maslow and Mahady galleries at Marywood University.

When you arrive, you’ll see vibrant moving images projected on the blank white walls while the delicate paintings and the glossy photos hang all around the gallery. This creates a connection and flow with the art work and the visitors.

While the people come and go throughout the galleries during the recent Opening Reception, they seem confused but happy and over blown with the art work. One older lady even came up to me saying that looking at some of these moving images could cause seizures. I thought this was funny because she was obviously talking about the one moving image that had bright colorful images flashing frantically.

My favorite print from the exhibition was called “Construct NYC – 8” by Barbara Kasten. This print consisted of multiple mirrors reflecting off each other creating soft sunset colors of red yellow and orange. Then there is these set of moving images created by David Haxton which confused me so much, but I couldn’t stop watching this masterpiece. He drew multiple large pyramids on a blank white wall then did something no one was expecting. Haxton messed with my perspective once when he started cutting things away. That seems simple but trying to describe this piece could take forever.

Overall, this art exhibition was like no other and being there on opening night was an experience I’ll always remember.

This is what I wrote for an assignment in my travel writing class. I had to write down what I saw, in this case it was about an art show, and make people see what I saw. It’s a very interesting way to write and I hope I did a good job!

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