Back to Basics

Hello, hope everyone had a good holiday!

This week’s post is more or less a follow up on my previous post so for context, you may want to see my last post.

Today’s exercise was all about shape. I used some references on me to expand on improving my consistency and accuracy with shapes. My approach was to cut them up in 3 values using the canvas as a median value. This was very successful in trying to achieve the accuracy I wanted before so I tried to expand the difficulty by using varying light sources. For instance, The top left figure has more contrast so there isn’t much in the way of median values. The hat on the lower figure also was a way for me to try and figure out how to best imply the shadow looming over the man’s head without covering it i my dark so I left it as a median value.

The one that may need work is the silhouette in the bottom corner, this may have been more effective if I stuck with my 3 values only because upon later inspection, I must’ve added 2 extra values to transition to the canvas color. Hopefully next week I’ll be working on a portrait similar to last week’s, but with mono color instead and a wider range of values.

The Sketch of the Week

This week’s sketch is the start of a new ink piece I hope to work on before the semester starts. I’m not exactly sure what I’m aiming for story wise but I would like to see where my craftsmanship is since I’ve been drawing more with ballpoint pens rather than just charcoal or pencil.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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