Trusting the Process

When it comes to making art, sometimes you’ll have one really great idea that you have to roll with and see where it leads you. In class we were asked to make a piece that was a map of our life and how we ended up where we are today. The first thing that popped into my mind was to take the works of a page and cut them out. I had no clue as to how I would be able to turn that concept into an actual finished piece but, I knew I had to rely on my instinct, as well as trusting the process, and just start working.

I then began the tedious process of slowly cutting out each word on the page. At one point I started to get overwhelmed with the amount of work before me; what if it never comes together in the end? That’s when I took a step back and asked those around me for their opinion, this usually helps me pan out my ideas as well as to narrow down what was successful and what is not. 

While taking a step back, I noticed that the cutouts made a really beautiful shadow and I needed to incorporate that into the piece. I decided to go back to the drawing board and brainstormed with some friends about what was the best way to display that aspect of the design. We came to the conclusion that showing the piece in glass on a table and making the glass a part of the work was the best way to go. As things slowly started to come together and my idea came to fruition, I became more and more fond of the work as a whole. This just goes to show that taking a step back from working on a piece can greatly benefit the outcome as a whole. 

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