Back to School

This past weekend I left my home (and heart) in NJ and moved back to Scranton to start my junior year at Marywood. After endless hours of unpacking and cleaning my new apartment I decided to venture outside for some desperately needed fresh air.

First, I visited a farmers market. Scranton is not very rural so I was surprised when my friend Jenna mentioned she had heard about a market nearby. The drive over was strange because in my usual experience farmers markets are surrounded by farms, meadows, nature of some kind. Instead I drove through streets with crumbling houses, abandoned buildings, and alleyways. Nevertheless, I did indeed find a farmers market – at least 20 stalls, set up in two rows on blacktop.

With $18 dollars I was able to purchase Lily of the Valley body milk, apple cider, apple cider sugared doughnuts (my favorite), yellow peppers, tomatoes, and red and green apples. The sweet aromas of baked goods and fresh veggies put my mind at peace for this new semester. Everything was delicious as well. It was a great afternoon for my first Saturday back.

The day after, for my first Sunday back, I went swimming in the natural pools above the Nay Aug Gorge with my boyfriend. The sun shone directly upon us from our picnic spot on an enormous, flat boulder. Our shoulders tingled whenever light broke through the canopy of trees. The current in the water was too strong and the rocks beneath too slippery to stand on but we were able to wade in and out every so often to cool down. After eating lunch I laid down and stared up at the sky. Every shade of green seemed to be above me. Big leaves, small leaves, lime leaves, emerald leaves, striped leaves, spotted leaves.

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I came home that evening feeling inspired, asking myself how could this day have been real? How could the water have been so clear and fresh, how could the wind have sung so beautifully, how could I have been so lucky to experience this moment in time where a world beyond this tree-lined bubble seemed impossible? In my head I imagined different sketches on canvases, whether I would use oils or acrylics, whether I would paint my feelings of the day or the day itself.

I’m excited for the new school year to begin and even more excited to focus on myself, what inspires me, and my artwork outside of the classroom/studio.


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