Big Book of Kids’ Crafts

This week I have been cleaning my room to prepare for a move. I have previously talked about how I have gotten back into reading, and this week is no exception. Along with some of my new found ideologies, I have been trying to find ways to keep things that I think could be helpful, and give away things that I don’t.

While cleaning out my room, I found a lot of things that I have had since childhood. I found clothes, paint sets, and an unbelievable amount of knick-knacks. While cleaning though, I came across a huge book (301 projects) for children to take part in.

As an art therapy major, I have already taken so many different art and psychology classes and been introduced to a number of ways that I can fuse the two. In printmaking, I learned about the importance of color and textures, along with ways that I can use printing techniques as an art therapist; in sculpture, I learned about the importance of creating things with meaning and without form- abstractions; and in painting, I learned about the importance of seeing things how they are while simultaneously seeing and appreciating other peoples renditions of the same thing.

When I picked up the book, I thumbed through it to find about thirty amazing ideas that I genuinely thought could be used in my practice in the future right off the bat.

This week I haven’t really created anything that I necessarily want to share, but, I wanted to promote this book as a must-read for art therapists. I know that this book is specifically targeting children, but, I think that the crafts and ideas within have the potential to be great for any demographic if done in a caring way that is relative to whatever someone is working on.

I hope that if you can’t get your hands on this book, you are inspired to pick up one like it!

“Big Book of Kids’ Crafts”, Better Homes and Gardens

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