Visiting the Sunflowers

In the past week I have been taking drives out to Brown Hill Farms in Tunkhannock in order to check out their wonderful sunflower fields! They have been doing this for the past few years, and their fields keep getting bigger and bigger every year!

Brown Hill Farms also had a tulip field this year during the spring months! I talked about their tulips here! When they had their tulips we were only able to drive around the fields due to covid concerns, however now the farm is letting people view the fields on foot. (Safely of course!)

The sunflowers fields here are absolutely wonderful in person, and perfect for photographs! Throughout the week I have also been holding sunflower sessions, where I have been taking photos of people and their families in the sunflowers! It’s always great to see the look on everyone’s faces with they first arrive at the fields.

This flower in particular was one that caught our eye. I have no idea why this flower is so huge compared to all of the others but we thought it was absolutely hilarious. Something that I really love about Brown Hill Farms in particular is their location on top of a hill. The mountains and fields in the distance are just so pretty! Especially so for photos. I also found it was very hard to take a bad photo in the fields considering just how perfect the location is.

At the farm you can also cut your own sunflowers to take home as well! Each adult ticket comes with two flowers that they will wrap up for you to take home. Other than just sunflowers, the farm also has goats, sheep, chickens and a cow to go and visit! Here I captured a photos of their cow that we all thought was super adorable… and wanted to take home.

Overall, I really love visiting the sunflower field every year, and I can’t wait to see how the experience grows in the future. It’s so cool to have something like this so close to home, and I think that something as simple as walking through the sunflowers can really help brighten someones day. Something that is needed currently considering everything that is going on. Visiting the sunflowers is a tradition that me and my friends enjoy every year, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year!

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