Random Sewing

Of my plethora of random hobbies I enjoy, I often find myself sewing. Like many of my other hobbies, I am a mediocre seamstress. I’ve known how to sew for a very long time. I remember when I was very young sitting on my parent’s bed hand sewing buttons and badges. I was always the one in the house people would ask to mend clothes.

I really started doing sewing as a hobby in the last few years. Freshman year of college I got it in my head to hand sew a quilt pattern on my comforter. It was actually really fun, but oof, it took a loooong time. You really shouldn’t make a quilt from a comforter, just make a quilt, it’s a lot easier.

quilt snapshot of first day of hand sewing a quilt

Since then, I’ve made baby blankets, crib sheets, more crib sheets, and a bathing suit. I should also say I got my own sewing machine for Christmas, I was stoked. This summer I’ve dabbled more in sewing during quarantine and my random summer. I started the summer thinking of grand plans for making skirts and dresses for the hot weather. My ideas usually come from my terrible online shopping habit. When I’m browsing, I look at stuff with the big price tag or the unattainable Pintrest outfit and think, “I could make that”. Yeah okay, I’ve said this before, but when I say this phrase, I know the lofty ideal in my head never turns out like I imagine. It’s always a hassle to create, half the time there isn’t any fabric to match my idea, and it usually costs more than I want it to. But somehow, I like it enough to keep doing it.

I first made two elastic midi skirts for my pregnant sister, then I made a skirt and a dress for me. I transformed a floral dress into a peplum shirt, and another too short dress into a casual maroon shirt. And my last project was to make a DIY Snuggle Me, a baby bed thing, for my upcoming niece or nephew. I have also recently acquired two more fabrics to experiment with, I have plans to make another skirt this week before school starts.

Sorry this isn’t a tutorial or in depth explanation of any of my sewing projects, more a gallery of my works. It is crazy to see them all together. These each usually take a whole day to make, and I really enjoy the process of making my own clothing and content to be wearing exactly what I imagine, or close to it.

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