Body Modifications 

It’s been about a month since this semester has began and I’ve completed one of my first assignments for Sculpture III. The project was to make something that alters the form of the body. I decided to alter the way my face looked to make it seem like I had giant ears and a mouth. It looked as if I didn’t have any eyes and that I relied on my hearing as if I was a bat using echolocation. I used panty hose and wire to create the shape of the ears and mouth. Overall it was easy to sew the pieces together to create the piece.

My sculpture class got a group picture together and I thought it would be fun to include everyone else’s project here to share with you. All of them were creative and unique. The time and effort shows and their work deserves to be shown. I’ve included the group photo as the featured image above and in the post itself here below. I can’t wait to write more about the projects we will be working on in the future!



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