Christmas Morning in February

It’s the day I’ve finally been waiting for! The high fire kiln was fired over the weekend and it is finally time to open the baby up and see the results! High fire kilns usually fire for 3-4 days, including cooling time. Whenever I open and unload a kiln, especially with my work in it, it feels like Christmas morning to me! I am always so excited, and unfortunately very impatient. In this particular kiln load I had seven pieces. I had three large serving bowls that I made last semester and four mugs. Most of the pieces in the kiln were requests from family members or potential clients, so I had a lot riding on this firing. Glazes can be tricky, and aren’t exactly the most predictable thing. Even though we usually have a general idea of what the glaze will look like, it is always subject to change.

In my three large decorative serving bowls, I used a shiny gray glaze on the inside. I made this decision because I always like to think how food will look against the inside of a bowl, and I thought this shiny gray looked “clean” to eat off of. I also used this glaze on the inside of a set of mugs. It has been my go to liner glaze lately! My aunt requested two large serving bowls, and four mugs, 2 sets of 2, and one bowl for each set. She asked for one set to be blue and the other to be green. The green glaze came out fairly dull but she’s still happy with how they came out! The other two mugs were completed a few weeks back. Another set of two mugs (so many mugs, I know!) are for a client who contacted me asking for one mug. I made two that way she could choose whichever one she liked better. They are almost identical, except one mug had one dip of glaze, and the other had two dips.

I’ll have to try and get some better “professional” pictures of these babies in the coming weeks! Let me know what you guys think!

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