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Here I am, again working in my 18 by 24 drawing pad this week! This picture is quite special this week because it includes my workspace, the floor! My parents may not be too fond of it but its where I feel I do my best work! I enjoy my open space instead of being constrained to the available space on my desk. I am always sure to put down an old blanket or sheet but in this case I am using an old area rug I had laying around.

Now, back to my main purpose of this post, my collage! I would consider this a sketch or a collection of my thoughts and ideas. I do not consider it finished but rather a good start to something new and different. As always, an experiment:

Lady CollageBefore I begin to discuss my process, again I want to state the fact I may not be educated to the fullest when it comes to all things political. However, I am a being who has the right to voice an opinion in a respectful fashion.

Last week my mom gave me some magazines she did not need anymore so I went through them just as I always do looking for pictures, words, articles, and etc. that stand out to me and tear them out. A majority of what I found involved images of girls/ladies, hearts, and minds. Which lead me to create this thus far.

Even though my subject is focusing on the celebration of ladies, all can be relatable to both men and women. I am a believer that all should do what is best for their minds, bodies, and souls and that starts in one’s youth, hence “Unstoppable Youth” (bottom left). We should learn young that we have the power for change, we can make a difference, we can do good in this world. We cannot sit back, we all have something special in us that makes the world a better place. We should come together and celebrate our differences and special qualities.

We should think with love (middle/right). We should have empathy, kindness, and acceptance. The power of love can do so much more than the power of hate. Love not only others but yourself as well. All lives matter and that starts with yourself. Educate yourself (bottom right). Knowledge is everything. Knowledge is for all. Knowledge should be shared. Keep the ideas flowing (left). You never know what you will find mixed in there!

As mentioned, this is simply a collage of ideas and thoughts, not finished but the start of something new. I definitely feel I can fix up quite a bit and add something else. There is room for improvement without a doubt!


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