Book Illustration Final Product

Hey everyone! I am finally done with my book illustration and I wanted to share it with you and talk about it a little bit.

Two guys in a car getting chased by cops

So this is the final product for my book illustration. We had to pick a book out of a bag, I got On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Then, for this project we had to pick a random page out of the book and illustrate it. The context of the page that I chose was that there was this one guy that talked about getting away with the law in towns that had an unfair speed limit. The guy kept repeating the line that is in the speech bubble in my illustration.

To describe my illustration, I drew two guy characters, one that has brown hair and green eyes. He has a rebellious attitude and we can tell from what he is saying about the cops that are chasing him for speeding. The other guy has blonde hair and is so scared that it looks like he is saying to himself, ” Get me out this car!”. Since this story takes place in Iowa, I did some research and illustrated some fields because there is a lot of farm land in Iowa. I decided to do a more modern version for my illustration because obviously the book I chose is outdated and cars back then would not look like that. I need to fix the one guy’s hand because it looks weird, but I was thinking about changing it to a fist because I wouldn’t have to draw fingers.

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