City of Lights

A week in Paris will never be enough time to explore Paris the way a person truly should. This spring break was an experience I will remember for a life time. Going from museum to museum almost everyday was so overwhelming but in the best possible way. I was in awe, just seeing these amazing paintings and sculptures that I only hope to draw inspiration from seeing these pieces for when it comes to my final piece. Last time I blogged I had said that I was still bouncing around from idea to idea as to what I want to do as my final piece. And I believe I finally found what I would want to do for my piece.

One of the places that I had went to while I was in Paris was Sainte-Chapelle. A gothic style chapel that was once used to house Christian Relics. It has incredibly beautiful and ornate stained glass windows, each window holding its a story of its own. For my final piece I am going to create my own print of a stain glass window holding a story of its own of my adventures this past week in Paris.

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