This year I decided to join Marywood’s CMYKlub, an art club for graphic designers and illustrators, and this is my first time being a part of the monthly themed artworks project and a First Friday Scranton art show!

Hanging on the walls of the Visual Arts Building near the graphic labs is the CMYKlub’s monthly themed artwork display. The theme for the month was food and each artist interpreted the theme anyway they decided. The various artworks include digital illustration, drawing, and ink and digital. The day we handed our artworks in we took part in a group critique, discussing what we liked and what could be changed with the artworks.

Anyone can walk by and admire the Marywood Students artworks. Students that are also interested in joining CMYK should stop by and take a look to see what the other students are doing.

Every fall the CMYKlub takes part in First Friday Scranton and is able to have one of their pieces on show at The Workshopin downtown Scranton. For the First Friday in October 2016 the exhibit was “scary,” perfect to get in the Halloween mood. By joining  CMYKlub, students can take part of critiques, get advice on projects and portfolio pieces, learn classroom tips, engage in fun activities, and be part of an exhibit every fall. If none of this sounds appealing to you then don’t worry; their are plenty of other clubs that you can join.

Check out Marywood’s club page, and for more information regarding  CMYKlub check out their page on the Marywood Website and follow them on Instagram @cmyklub for updates on the clubs activities and artworks!

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