First Fridays in the Fall

It’s that time of year again when the leaves change color and a certain calm falls over everything. Fall, for me anyway, strikes a mood of creativity and change. That’s why one of my favorite places to be on the First Fridays of the fall months is in downtown Scranton, on the memorial square. Not being a native of Scranton, I found this area easy to find and the perfect location for artists to display their work. It is right out in the open and there are quite a few surrounding galleries and shops to explore. Clubs and club members from Marywood could be seen wandering around all afternoon. I love ArtWorks Gallery and made sure to visit there as well as the sunflower mural I always visit, tucked away behind a few ordinary brick walls and glinting gold in the sun.

This past First Friday is the first I’ve been to this year. Though there didn’t seem to be as many outdoor vendors as usual, the galleries were busy with people looking at artwork, walking from piece to piece and even doing art-related activities. It’s such a great atmosphere- artists showing off the fruits of their labor, gallery workers and curators eagerly explaining the meaning behind various pieces, and potential buyers and admirers walking and slowly gazing all around. Although it wasn’t as big a turn out as usual it inspired a creative mood in me and I went home soon after and pulled out my sketchbook.

Scranton has so much to offer, between talented artists, multiple galleries always with something interesting to see, and a close knit community that comes together for this special time every month to share their love for art. The next one is November 4th so be sure to grab your friends and check it out!

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