Coding For Web Design

In my web design class we are working on our first website. We started with a mockup like I did in my conceptual design class, and I got to have more practice on Adobe XD. We only mocked the first home page, then we went straight to building.

I was introduced to web design and front end coding last semester during one of my classes. I thought it was really great, it takes what I love about design: the organization and aesthetic decision making, and combined it with a technological breakdown. Learning HTML and CSS is really like learning a language and writing an essay. There is a flow and a rhythm about writing that I find very appealing, that I also find when I start writing in code.

After my last semester, and my subsequent first internship, I started looking more into web design and development. I learned a lot about general knowledge of the field: front-end development vs back-end, a designer vs a developer, and UI and UX. I was really intrigued by all this. Though I do love making posters, books, and t-shirts, web design just has that added component of difficultly that draws me in.

Anyway, we all started from a general template then added content and started designing. There are 5 pages of content and a necessary lightbox component. I am bad with motivating my self to touch big projects, but once I am started I am in the zone and get a lot done. I like to work in big chunks, I ended up working on it for 3 days for about 2-4 hours each day, and I finished it up today!

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