During October the trees turn orange, yellow, and red as leaves blow around in the brisk fall breeze. October is, in my opinion, the best month of the entire year. The scenery is beautiful as the air becomes crisp and colorful leaves litter the ground. Festive pumpkins and gourds can be found in dorm hallways as well as in lobbies. October is also a wonderful month for those who enjoy creating art because of the inkTober challenge. 

InkTober was created by Jake Parker in 2009. The reason Jake Parker created inkTober was to improve his art skills as well as to create positive habits. InkTober is a month long art challenge with a new prompt each day; this challenge takes place every year and the prompts never repeat. It is encouraged that the finished inkToker drawing be posted to your social media platform, and if desired add the hashtag #InkTober or #InkTober2020.

 Although this is a challenge, it is a wonderful break from school work and everyday stressors. This is a daunting task in the beginning of the month but it is a very rewarding feeling by the end. The beautiful aspect of inkTober is that it is okay to miss a day or start late!


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