Crystal Clear

Looking back on my posts for Where Creativity Works so far, I’ve uncovered a recurring theme. I was hoping it would turn out to be something deep and meaningful, but realized I write mostly about shopping. Once fall semester starts, I will definitely be more focused on projects and concepts, but why deviate from what I know best this week?

On a trip to IKEA this past weekend, I found some magical-looking objects as soon as I walked into the first showroom. They were advertised as little cloches to display decorative items in, but I thought they were treasures in themselves. I loved how the smooth, curved glass forms contrasted with the natural cork bottoms, and snapped a picture to reference for textural inspiration. After wandering through what seemed like a few hundred more rooms (IKEA is huge and confusing, if you’ve never been there), I found more interesting shapes in the form of votive candle holders. These objects were once again glass, with curved edges on top and bottom to facilitate stacking. I took another photo and continued on my way.

Looking at the pictures later, I immediately knew I was attracted to these different items because of the material, as I am working with glass and issues of transparency in my studio work. I am also drawn to curves and circular forms in particular, which is apparent in my current projects: when I reorganize my work into ideas I want to pursue and experiments I am ready to move past, I am always left with circles! As I reflect back on my inspiration and actual work, patterns of materiality, form, and connective thinking are becoming clearer. Shopping may be an essential part of my creative process, after all.

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018

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