DIY Those Tin Cans

When Christmas and Easter roll around you usually end up with tin cans that contained candy or popcorn. Usually our first instinct is to throw them away because you don’t want to see the holiday theme all year round. Well you don’t have to! Instead of going to a store and paying a ridiculous amount of money for containers to store small things in, just spray paint them. It’s easy to do and now that the weather is nice it’s an excuse to go outside.

I have a ton of candy tins left over from the holidays and I came up with the idea to reuse them while cleaning my room out. So I decide a nice gold and black would really look nice. It would also cover up the bright holiday designs nicely. It took me about twenty minutes to spray paint the outsides of the tins gold and the insides black.

Now I have matching containers to put my nail polish and make up brushes in.

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