Do it for the ‘Gram

There are many people who have two or more Instagram accounts. One is usually a private account for friends. Another could be a finsta, but the most popular one with artists is for your art. These art Instagram accounts turn out to be an online portfolio where many fellow artists, possible employers or friends can enjoy your work. Commissions on these Instagram accounts are another great way to make money and spread your art using social media.

Some of these art Instagram accounts have pictures of paintings, 3D sculptures, original photography, or anything the artist wishes to post. You don’t even have to be a professional artist or photographer to create one of these types of accounts. No matter where you go, there are opportunities for a decent picture even without an expensive camera or photography skills. There are also many different mediums you can use. It’s your Instagram, so you can make the rules.

A few teachers and fellow Marywood Art Department students have this type of Instagram account. Jordan Slater, a fellow blogger, and one of our student spotlight stars, Georisell Vazquez both have art Instagram accounts and post a lot of their work whether it is the progress they’ve made or the finished project.

These are only a few of their projects on Instagram. Check both of them out at jmslaterart and jiyori.chan.

Having an Instagram account for art is a great way to put yourself out there and connect with some of your followers by asking for feedback to make your art better, or doing commissions. There are also many other artists who have these types of accounts that you can follow and get ideas as well as inspiration from.

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