Downtown Scranton

Hello everyone! Marywood is officially back in class for fall 2023, and back on campus! This week I would like to highlight Downtown Scranton for art and architecture because all of these places are just a short drive from campus! They are perfect for a visit if you fancy seeing some interesting buildings. I must say that I am not an architect, so I may not use the proper vocabulary, but I do not believe that one must be an architect to appreciate these buildings.

“This week I would like to highlight Downtown Scranton for art and architecture…”

The Courthouse– The Courthouse in Scranton was built in 1884, and has stood the test of time. Unlike the city around it, not much has changed about this building, and it remains a staple of Scranton and it’s community. My favorite part about the Courthouse, other than its beauty as a whole, is the square that it resides in. Courthouse square has many statues, and memorial tributes. All of which add to the overall effect of the building.

Fidelity Bank building- Ah, the iconic symbol of Scranton. This building isn’t much on it’s own, but at it’s top rests the Electric City sign, which is about the most recognizable emblems we have. Everyone outside of the area who knows of Scranton (though the vast majority are just fans of The Office) knows of our sign. We are the Electric City, and though our cable cars are long gone, we still find identity in that inherited title.

304 N. Washington Avenue– This building I do not know the official name for, but I take notice of it whenever I drive past. This last example is more simple than the others, and It is not as notable. I like this building because of the color, and the brickwork. This one I always look at when I am around because of the round feature on the corner. I would love to read in a spot like that.

And so, if you are an art student at Marywood, downtown is a great place to walk around to get some inspiration and take a break. There are also several small businesses and local artists around there to find, which I highlight here from time to time such as the AFA gallery.

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