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Last week, I wrote about an artist that used his talent to create interesting miniatures that were unlike any other. While looking at artists online over spring break, I found another artist who used his talent to create pictures that are “out of the norm.”

Before I talk about this amazing artist, let’s talk about what inspires his work. Have you ever experienced what is known as “sleep paralysis”? If you haven’t then you have been fortunate enough to escape something that is absolutely terrifying. Sleep paralysis occurs when your body wakes itself in between the natural cycles of sleep. Your body, while going through these cycles, experiences a state of paralysis caused by your brain sending signals to your tired body to relax.

Sufferers of this disorder wake in a delirious state and experience terrifying visions all while having no control over their body. This phenomenon is what inspired the stunning photographs done by Nicholas Bruno. He claims to have had these experiences since age 15, and he decided to use them in his artwork. Bruno uses his photography to depict the visions that he experienced during his moments of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis must be absolutely terrifying to experience, but Nicholas has taken those experiences and created beautiful, surreal pictures that are irreplaceable.

His photos are definitely worth looking through. I’ve linked his portfolio up above, so, if you have the time, take a look through it. His photographs make you feel as though you’re experiencing it first-hand. They’re incredibly beautiful, haunting pictures that help a person who does not suffer from this disorder get an inside look to what a sufferer might see. Nicholas Bruno is an incredibly talented artist who used his negative experience to create stunning photographs. Even though they’re not landscapes or portraits, the photos will leave you speechless.

(Photography Credits to Nicholas Bruno)

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