Stain Glass, Rough Sketch

In my last post I talked about finally coming up with an idea for my newest print based on my trip for Paris. I started sketching out the concept that I had in mind, which was to replicate the stain glass windows of St.Chapelle. To put my personal stye on it, each section of the stain glass in my version will have its own scene of my trip in Paris.

While in the process of my sketch, I thought it would be a more interesting idea to crop the window instead of doing the huge circular window, to represent only a taste of the beautiful city I got to see and explore. Instead of hand drawing scenes into each section, like the original, I will be using color ink in splotches of each section. The colors would express the emotions I had felt through out the trip so it would be more abstract instead of physical drawings. I’m very excited to see how this print will turn out. So far just thinking of the concept and sketching out my ideas for this has been so fun. I can’t wait to actually start the printmaking process! Below is the stained glass window that inspired me to do this piece!

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