Following the Light

We’ve recently had uncharacteristically warm weather for February here in Scranton, PA, and, despite being stuck at work most of the day, I still wanted to make time to go and shoot before the weather went back to the low twenties. As my shift ended, the sun was starting to set. I quickly ate and got my gear together and headed out; initially to Nay Aug Park expecting to still have enough light to work with once I got there. Although I did manage to get a few photos while I was there, there wasn’t really anything that was standing out and the light was going away fast. Without a tripod my options were a little limited if I planned to continue shooting. Seeing that the sun was still high enough to light the downtown area, I figured that I could try to get there before the sun was completely gone; by the time I got there though there wasn’t much sunlight there either (considering Nay Aug is only two or three miles away from downtown Scranton I’m not sure what I was expecting).

Fortunately where natural light had subsided, an amplitude of artificial light remained. Although I was still shooting pretty high ISO and fairly low shutter speeds I was still able to work given the amount of light in the area. I hadn’t really gone out with night photography in mind but I guess I’ll just have to eat faster next time.

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