Inventing a Robot

Over the past couple of weeks during digital illustration, my professor assigned us a project where we would have to create a robot designed to do a chore we hate. The design of the robot then had to be determined by whatever chore we had chosen. The guidelines for this included using problem solving skills to figure out what the robot needed to function for this chore, while also using creativity to make it unique.

The beginning of this project was difficult for me because I couldn’t think of a chore I necessarily hated doing. After a lot of thought I finally settled on a robot designed to clean a ten gallon fish tank. I wanted to make it look like it belonged in the tank so I made the robot to resemble a fish. It would have a design allowing it to swim around the tank while not scaring the fish.

We needed to sketch out our designs on paper to be reviewed. Once approved we could either scan the sketch onto the computer or take a picture of it. Then we transferred the photo to Illustrator which we could then trace with the pen tool. For the final step we got to choose a color scheme to fill in the shapes we created using the pen tool.

In the end I feel like as an artist, the more thought you put into a project design the more successful you will be with it. I also think the more involved you are with it, the more you will like creating it. So for aspiring artist, take some extra time on your next piece of artwork and see where it goes from there.

Colored Fish Robot

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