This past week I worked on a present for my one friends. I wanted to give her something special so I made her bracelet that I knew she would love. I put two pieces of rectangular brass with jump rings between them through the rolling mill. The result was circular impressions in the brass. To give the impressions a darker look I used liver of sulfur. Then I sanded the top layer of the brass so that only the impressions were darker.

Next I drilled holes to attach links for the bracelet and some for decoration. I made the links using wire wrapped around a dowel that I then cut. I liked the idea of bigger links because they were easier to make and they worked well with the design. I made my own clasp by soldering a small jump ring to a straight piece of wire. This created a bar clasp that would fit through one of the bigger jump rings. This was an easy project that only took about two hours to do and my friend absolutely loved it!

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