Preparing for Portfolio Review

It’s that time of the semester again, portfolio reviews. My junior portfolio review is quickly approaching. I remember freshman year I was incredibly stressed and anxious about the review. Much to my surprise it wasn’t scary at all! Portfolio reviews should be exciting as opposed to nerve-racking. It’s the time when professors (successful artists as well) help you step back and take a look at your work, and how you’re developing yourself as an artist. They help you see some of your pro’s and con’s in your own work, and give helpful and meaningful criticism. I think it’s important to remember they have all done the same kind of critiques countless times, and are not out to get you.

Some tips for portfolio review preparation

After freshman year, ceramics majors are no longer given a guideline of what work they want us to bring, so it is up to the artist to determine what works shows their best abilities. I always like to bring an array of work in different mediums and styles. For instance, I am a painting minor so I have a large amount of paintings, but I also as you all know have a passion for pottery. With that being said I have both paintings and ceramic pieces in my portfolio. I also am in Figure Drawing II, so some figure drawings will also make their way into my portfolio. It’s also always nice to bring in your personal sketchbook, or even specific sketches. This helps show that you are always working creatively and independently. From my experience the professors like to hear that you do artwork outside of your studio classes. Maybe next week I’ll upload everything I put in my portfolio and give you guys a review of how it went!

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