Dare To Create

“Create daily” is much easier said then done. Last week I found myself in a creative slump, unable to draw or do anything in particular. All I wanted to do was stay in bed all day. Stressed from trying to keep up with my upcoming junior portfolio review, and class project deadlines, I felt very drained.

As artists where do you draw the line of staying motivated or taking a step away? I’m the type of person that takes a break from art to do more art. For me taking a break from my art class assignments usually means hand lettering a quote something. I love to draw and it’s the only thing that keeps me sane and helps me cope with the stress that comes with being a full-time college student.

In my attempt to get out of my little creative slump I decided to draw out the word “create”. It is psychologically proven that humans are more likely to react to something when it’s imprinted in their heads. So, by writing the words “create” over and over I was able see past negative energy and actually wanted to draw and get things done. I had fun doing it and was able to concentrate on finishing my portfolio in time for portfolio review and also get my class projects done as well.

I’ve included a little time lapse video of my process, I hope you enjoy it!


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