Glaze for Days

One of my least favorite things to do in ceramics is glazing. I think it’s because it takes a very long time and can be extremely nerve wracking if you are doing combinations. Whenever if comes to comebining glazes, you really don’t know what the outcome might be. In the ceramics room there is this old board that has different combinations on it and the first time that I used it I actually did the glazes backwards haha. I think only I couldn’t read this chart and did them backwards. Well the combination I did was angel eyes and gads green over top of it. I was so worried that it wasn’t going to come out night at all.

When the kiln was unloaded that day it came out this deep rich blue with spots of green and white in it! It looked nothing like the test tile (because I did it backwards) but it was definitely a great mistake! This is my favorite glaze combination and I use it ever single chance I get to. It has a bit of variation, but for the most part it is very reliable.

This is my happy glaze haha. Whenever I want something to look nice (which this always comes out beautiful) I will use it even though combination glazes are a little more work. I finally figured out the right proportions of the angel eyes to gads green, so that it will come out just how I like it. I can wait to make more things so I can glaze them. Even though glazing might be a pain some times, when the stuff comes out of the kiln it is definitely like Christmas morning.


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