Gadabout Film Festival

This past week, Gadabout Film Festival came to Marywood University. The Gadabout Film Festival is a traveling film festival that showcases independent short films. This year marks 15 years that Gadabout has been traveling around the country. The festival has held screenings in 45 states, 12 countries, and over 100 cities.

I went to watch the screening on Wednesday and it was so cool! Film is its own amazing type of art, and I think that sometimes, it’s easy to forget about films as art. But watching those short films was just so amazing. There were so many different styles at that festival, and that was only about 45 minutes of short films.

The Gadabout Film Festival is super unique. It really helped me to appreciate the art of filmmaking. It’s super neat! I want to try making a short film now!

If you or someone you know is a filmmaker and is interested in submitting, you can check it out on their website!


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