My Final Farewell!

Unfortunately, my time has come to an end as the Art Therapy blogger for Marywood University’s art department! Throughout the past semesters writing about art therapy and all the workings of it, I have enjoyed writing every single post! Although I wrote about things I learned about in class, these posts gave me more of a run down of the topic and allowed me to learn a lot more about that particular aspect.

Writing about a career field that I am extremely passionate about has only broadened my love for art therapy even more. Presenting these posts and discussing important topics about something that isn’t talked about a whole lot has made a big impact on me. Art Therapy has been around for many years and now is just starting to flourish more and more. Getting the chance to express what I have learned and my appreciation for all that the field has to offer is extremely meaningful. Writing these posts once a week have allowed me to relay my insights on the field to those who are interested. I know that I am leaving wordpress, but I am putting the title of the art therapy blogger in good hands! I am confident that these posts once a week will stay consistently interesting and fascinating!

I say my final farewells to those who have kept up with Marywood’s posts and who are interested in Art Therapy (or any aspect of art!) I am grateful for all of those who participated in my writing journey and who will continue to read in the future! Thank you!

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