It’s Been Real Photog.

I am sad to say this is the last photography class I will take at Marywood University. I am so happy that I added photography classes to my course selection. I learned so much from Peter Nardone. He is a brilliant photographer. He did an amazing job teaching us all the techniques we would need in a short period of time.

I took two classes with him. Digital Photography and Illustrative Photography. Both were very useful for me as I work towards my Graphic Design degree. Photography is a big part of graphic design. You don’t realize how much they relate. Getting experience with a camera can really help grow your design perspective. I am grateful for being able to learn all these awesome techniques Peter taught us.

I wanted to show you the collection of photographs I gained from taking these courses.


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my digital photography. Even though class has ended, I am not ending my photography adventure. I will continue to take photos and hopefully grow my knowledge with product photography. I love the experience of being behind a camera. It’s a nice change from hiding behind a computer screen.

I will keep you updated next semester on projects I do on my own.

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