For the last few years I have been painting Birds. Not exactly like the famous paintings of birds by ornithologist John James Audubon, but birds of my own creation, my own vision. These birds are incredibly colorful, whimsical and quite frankly silly which is sort of the kind of art work I like to see when I’m feeling blue. Birds have always been a constant in my life from the time I was a little kid when my grandmother and I would spend hours looking at photographs and illustrations of birds and talk about which ones were the prettiest and had the most beautiful songs to sing. Her favorites were cardinals and mine were penguins (evidentially probably not a shocker!). My own mother’s name is actually Birdie, so yes, birds have always been a constant in my life. with this series, simply called “The Birds” I sent out to make only one fun painting of a silly green bird and from then one it totally took on a whole life of its own, it took on more meaning and that is what I shall like to write about with this post.

You’re probably wondering now why I’ve chosen to title this post “Gargoyles” when clearly I’ve been talking pretty heavily about birds, this is because, for me, the birds have become sort of like my own personal gargoyles. Gargoyles on structures are supposed to ward off evil, their fierce menacing expressions send any bad spirits on the run! In a similar way my birds ward off any negativity in my heart when the skies get grey. Very plainly they bring color into my far too often colorless world. I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with depression, and although these birds don’t scream “depressed person art” they in a way are. However, instead of painting skulls and crossbones with dead roses, I’ve opted to focus on a subject matter that actually makes me look on the brighter side of things. Birds, like I previously mentioned, make me happy. Colors make me happy. Even polka-dots make me happy! so these are the things I need when I’m feeling down. There’s really not much more that I have to say about the birds without going down endless rabbit-holes of symbolism, so i really hope you guys enjoy these and that they make you feel happy too.

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