The Best Online Project Yet

Something that’s made this semester difficult for everyone was the fact that we were virtual in most of our classes all semester long.

For the last project for one of my illustration classes, Steven Brower had us design our own zoom backgrounds, and this really made me excited.

I use a lot of dark colors and dark rooms in my drawings, and I wanted to do it in both my style and make it sorta magically. I thought about putting myself in castles, flower fields, and even an igloo. But I always result back to those dark colors and dark rooms. I took inspiration from a sleeping photo of myself I had already made.

And knowing that most of this semester was already made from my bed, I decided to make another drawing based on the dark of my room where I am the most productive. I also wanted to add a little spin to the dark.

As fun as being in the dark is, I added some light this holiday season. My room has lights around it but I love lights that hang from the ceiling, and decided to make it based on that!

For my next and final zoom class, Tuesday at 1 PM, I will be going in with my zoom background in the back and me laying in my bed.

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