Jami Porter Lara

Jami Porter Lara uses a 2000-year-old process to make objects that resemble a ubiquitous icon of modern life—the plastic bottle. While exploring a remote stretch of the U.S./Mexico border, Porter Lara found two-liter bottles used to carry water—the most recent in a lineage of artifacts that remain from millennia of human travel through the region. Using these found objects as source, her purpose is to reconceptualize the plastic bottle to better represent its function as a precious object—a vessel—capable of sustaining human life.

the purpose is to illuminate the porous nature of borders and the longevity of actions. There is a clear and active voice on pollution and politics as well.

Lara takes the universal form of the plastic bottle and abstracts or stretches it into a still recognizable but now unfamiliar form.

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